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Carnival 2k9 Photo Contest!

Faluma Photo Contest
Dear Faluma-fans and Carnival-maniacs,
we have wracked our brains to brighten up the grey time of the year between the end of all Carnival festivals and the beginning of the parang season. So how about a photo contest to share your memories of your greatest time of the year with your friends and the Faluma family on facebook?
The Faluma photo contest started already and will be running for the next two weeks – so grab your best pic and post it on the Faluma fan page wall.
We made a little album with sample pics for you to get an impression.

To be a part of the contest just follow the instructions:
1. Choose your best picture
2. Post it on the Faluma fan page wall: (if you ain’t a fan yet, well…what are you waiting for?!)
3. Add location and time (names and links if you like)
4. All entries will be collected in an special album, to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Your picture is then running in the contest, waiting to be loved – that means: if you like one the best, just click your “I like” button! The three pics which will get most likings by our fans will win the contest and will be rewarded with prizes out of the Faluma shop:

1st: On…e 50€ voucher for the Faluma shop
2nd: Choose one single CD f…or free from our catalogue + one Moko Jumbie – Up & Dancing DVD
3rd: One Moko Jumbie – Up & Dancing DVD

Any further questions concerning the contest? Just post them on the wall or write us a mail or a comment and…
…may the best pic win!

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