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Steel Pan and Steel Drum music

Steel Pan – national instrument

Steelpans – or steel drums or pans – and sometimes is Trinidad and Tobagos instrument. Steel pan musicians are called pannists. It’s rooted in the Caribbean Carnival when bamboos and drums where banned in the former British colony.

Steel Pan music

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Panorama competition

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Panorama results

Pan instruments

There are many different variations making up the family of steelband instruments. Here is an overview of the most common steel pans and their pitch:

Instrument Pitch Inventor
Soprano, Lead, or Tenor Soprano Winston “Spree” Simon
Double Tenor Mezzosoprano Bertie Marshall
Double Second Alto Sonny Roach
Double Guitar Baritone Joshua Francis
Quadrophonic (four pans) Baritone Rudolph Charles[11]
Triple Guitar Baritone
Cello Baritone
Six Pan Baritone
Tenor Bass Bass Nadia Ramlochan and the Faheezy Band
Six Bass Bass
Nine Bass Bass Rudolph Charles[11]
Twelve Bass Bass Rudolph Charles[11]

(source: Wikipedia)


Steel Pan pioneers

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