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Caribbean films

List of movies and documentaries with Caribbean topics.

Caribbean Movies

  • God loves a fighter (2013) – life in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Trailer
  • The Harder They Come (1972) – imdb, Jamaica, Reggae, gangs


  • Buena Vista Social Club – Old “son” artists in Havana, Cuba, Website
  • Calypso at Dirty Jim’s – Calypso in Trinidad, Trailer
  • Calypso Rose: Mistress of the jungle (2011) – about the calypsonian Calypso Rose, Trailer, imdb
  • Mas Man – Documentary about the legendary costume designer Peter Minshal (Trinidad & Tobago), Trailer
  • Marley – Trailer
  • No Bois Man No Fraid (2013) – stick fighting in Trinidad, Trailer
  • One hand can’t clap (1991) – Calypso in Trinidad, Review NYT
  • Pull it up – An Italian Story – Soundsystems in Italy, Website
  • Sound Business (1981) – UK soundsystems around Sir Coxsone and Young Lion
  • Sweet Mickey for President (2015) – about a musician who became president, Website, Review NYT
  • Trench Town – Gang violence in Jamaica, Trailer
  • Up&Dancing: The Magic stilts of Trinidad – Moko jumbies in Trinidad, distributed by Faluma

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