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Madd is comedy, Madd is music, Madd is Barbados at its best!
Their hilarious lyrics make people laugh but also think about political or social shortcomings
Every song has a story behind it and tells a lot about the Bajan society. And the story goes on: Madd releases an album every year for cropover and since they signed contracts with Faluma you can now find many of them online in all major downloadshops!
Please click on the cover graphics of the albums below to find the download links and details.

Cover: SupermaddSome like it hottCover: Belly 2 Belly
Supermadd (1995)Some Like It Hott!!!(1997)Belly 2 Belly (1998)
Cover: Wining WarCover: 100% Ig’runtCover: Black Belly Sheep
Wining War (1999)100% Ig’runt (2002)Black Belly Sheep (2003)
Sugar CakeCover: Breadfruit SwoppersCover: Puddin & Souse
Sugar Cake (2004)Breadfruit Swoppers (2005)Puddin & Souse
Cover: The Madd Xmas AlbumCover: The Jucking Board
The Madd Xmas Album (2001)The Jucking Board (2007)


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  2. Debbie

    Madd I Love You guys! Here’s hoping you guys kept your old VHS tapes and have sense put them on DVD. Please tell me you guys check this. I would love to buy some of your older work such as “Slippery when Wet” and I can’t remember if that’s the one with “Half” but I want that one as well. I’m talking to much but please tell me were I can get them. I am in the U.S but I have family that can bring them if anything.

  3. James

    I was in Barbados in 1987 and 1988 and I was hooked on the MADD albums from the early years. At the time, I had them on tape. Is there a way to get them digitally?

  4. Gary

    Hi MADD,

    Canadian here who has ALWAYS loved your combination of music and comedy. Being of Bajan heritage, I can appreciate the value of the entertainment you provide.
    You used to have a song called JIM (a paradoy of all the scandals that subsequently had Jim’s involved. ) I cannot find that song ANYWHERE.. I am wondering if it even existed.
    Can you help me locate it. What album was it on, is it available to download ANYWHERE?
    I tell people about that song, and they all want to hear it…. but I’ve always come up dry!
    I did all the usual searches (google, youtube, itunes… ) and nothing.
    Help a fellow Bajan out nuh! LOL
    Thanks in advance,


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