Madd is comedy, Madd is music, Madd is Barbados at its best!
Their hilarious lyrics make people laugh but also think about political or social shortcomings
Every song has a story behind it and tells a lot about the Bajan society. And the story goes on: Madd releases an album every year for cropover and since they signed contracts with Faluma you can now find many of them online in all major downloadshops!
Please click on the cover graphics of the albums below to find the download links and details.

Cover: Supermadd Some like it hott Cover: Belly 2 Belly
Supermadd (1995) Some Like It Hott!!!(1997) Belly 2 Belly (1998)
Cover: Wining War Cover: 100% Ig’runt Cover: Black Belly Sheep
Wining War (1999) 100% Ig’runt (2002) Black Belly Sheep (2003)
Sugar Cake Cover: Breadfruit Swoppers Cover: Puddin & Souse
Sugar Cake (2004) Breadfruit Swoppers (2005) Puddin & Souse
Cover: The Madd Xmas Album Cover: The Jucking Board
The Madd Xmas Album (2001) The Jucking Board (2007)