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Julie Mourillon

julie mourillon

, born and raised in the Caribbean island of Dominica, acted together with his band Exile One as one of the pioneers of cadence-lypso. As a fusion of Dominican and other Caribbean rhythms (combining calypso with compas and cadence, for example) this style became the main dance music of Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and other French Creole Caribbean islands during the 1970s and brought Dominican music to international appreciation.

Julie started his solo career in the early 1980s and, developing his style in different directions like reggae and soca as well as bouyon, cadence or merengue, soon became succesfull, over the years touring Africa, Europe, USA, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Julie is also very much in demand as a session musician and has worked with top rap and reggae acts in Paris as well as with Jamaican musicians including Cat and Rugs of Third World and more recently, superstar Jimmy Cliff.

Please enjoy his music that is now available online since he signed contracts with our sublabel Bacchanalism:

Julie Mourillon – Jump Up Party

Julie Mourillon – Trodding On

Julie Mourillon – Bli Bi Dim Boow

Julie Mourillon – Calypso Warriors

or buy his latest CD on

Julie Mourillon – Jump Up Party (CD)

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