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KROSFYAH was formed in 1989 by Edwin Yearwood, Michael Agard, Felix Forde and Anthony Bailey in Barbados.

Originally they were known as Crossfire and developed their distinct style by performing cover tunes for tourists. In 1993 they changed their name to Krosfyah and released their first tune in 1994 as well as their debut album ULTIMATE PARTY, which won them the coveted title “Band of the Year.” From 1995 till now they released an album every year for Cropover, which gained Edwin Yearwood (the lead singer/songwriter) many titles through the years.

Their CD ULTIMATE PARTY – PUMP ME UP (released in july 1995) was the most popular and fastests selling soca CD in history (300.000 units). The smash hits OBDELE and VOICE IN MY HEAD earned Edwin Yearwood the titles “Party Monarch”, ” Calypso King” and “Road Monarch Champion”. In 1997 the CD even reached Gold status in Canada which is an remarkable achievment for record of a small independent label.

In 1998 Krosfyah toured the USA and Europe with their album HOT ZONE, while in 1999 they celebrated success at home again and in Trinidad with their album that earned Edwin Yearwood his third title as “Party Monarch.” The Year 2000 turned out not to be any different and Edwin won is fourth “Party Monarch” title with the track “Fiah Fiah” which is also featured in his solo album THE GOOD AND THE BAAD IN ME. This album was released alongside Krosfyah´s 10th anniversary album THE BEST OF KROSFYAH.

In 2001 they had another award winning album named KOOL UNDER FIRE, which was the last regular Caribbean artist album released as vinyl record – what makes it to a collectors item and a favourite of DJs and all lovers of the black gold. On the occasion of their 15th anniversary the band released antoher masterpice: THE BEST OF KROSFYAH VOL. 2.

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