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SCRAPPY from Montserrat, now located in London, sprung from a family of musicians and so got in contact with various kinds of music from his early childhood on. He became Montserrat Junior Calypso Monarch twice in his teenage years and as an adult he won the Montserrat Soca Monarch 2005-2006 on entering the competition the first time, due to his smash hit ‘Always Home’. This tune secured him the Road March title as well. ‘Always Home’ was featured on Scrappys first solo album ‘Soul-Jah’, which was followed by ‘Dreams Are Reality’ and his latest release ‘The Caribbean Dream’ in 2009.

Scrappy not only writes his own songs, sings them, does the back up, creates the instrumentals and beats digitally, performs—he also manages the business side. He solely founded, owns, and runs a production label, called Danger 1 Productions, which focuses on music and entertainment.

Due to his signing contracts with Faluma Digital (which got a big media coverage in Montserrat), his albums are available in all major download stores. Please click here to find the links and start to bounce!

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