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Faluma Download Charts August 2008

Here are our current download charts for August 2008. The charts comprise audio downloads from our Faluma Digital on all our partner music portals.

While Shurwayne Winchester is still heading the charts with his Groovy Soca Monarch tune Don’t Stop, Krosfyah also proofs to be constantly popular with our customers. It is nice to see that classics like Sak Pasé are longtime favourites and still make it into our download charts.

1. Don’t Stop (Da Mastamind Project) – Shurwayne Winchester

2. Apple Bottom Girls (Timeless) – Krosfyah feat. Khiomal Nurse

3. Pump Me Up (The Best Of Krosfyah) – Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

4. We Love Carnival (Pan Gone Soca – 2007 Calypso Compilation) – Destra

5. Wet Me (The Best Of Krosfyah) – Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

6. Sweatin (The Best Of Krosfyah) – Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

7. Sak Pas̩ (The Best of Krosfyah Vol. 2) РKrosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

8. Pump Me Up (Ultimate Party) – Krosfyah

9. Colours Again (2006 Calypso Compilation – A Musical Treat) – Destra

10. Yardie (Best of Krosfyah Vol. 2) – Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

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