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Caribbean Vizion

Caribbean Vizion
There are many reasons why the band Caribbean Vizion whose album Volume Zero was just digitally released by Faluma, has to be seen as something extraordinary! First of all it draws its repertoire from more than five islands, thus showcasing musical talent with variety. Then one of their vocalists named Choc’late, the daughter of former Soca Monarch Kurt Allen is just 14 years of age but already big in the music business. Originally from Trinidad, she landed a solo hit in Jamaica recently with her lovesong to her parents “I love You”. Despite her young age she is Caribbean Vizions Chief Executive Officer and is involved in the general management and promotion of the various causes undertaken.

The group itself claims Caribbean Vizion is more than a music band. It is a movement for Caribbean unity. Their music is a blend of Caribbean rhythms and not just calypso from Trinidad or reggae from Jamaica. The goals of the group are pursued through what they call educulture. Educulture is the creative use of the cultural arts that motivates and inspires students to achieve both academic and artistic success thereby developing a relationship between education and culture.

Educulture can be seen as a vehicle to reduce crime, poverty, risky behaviour, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, violence, teenage pregnancy and low self esteem. This aim is reflected in the lyrics of Caribbean Vizion’s songs like “Equal”. However many of their songs are just about having fun, celebrating carnival and life itself!

Please celebrate with them and listen to their album “Volume Zero” – now ready for download at all major stores. Please click here to find the links!

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