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Major and minor Productions

Martin and Alvin meeting in Port-of-Spain.

MAJOR and minor PRODUCTIONS LTD. is a Trinidadian music publishing company with the focus on Calypso and Steelband, the indigenous music of Trinidad and Tobago. What started as a hobby for founder Alvin C. Daniell has blossomed into this company. His objective is to preserve the music of this country in a form that will last centuries.

The company has scored Steelband Panorama arrangements, popular calypsos of the last ten years, produced compilation CDs since 1996, the infamous Calypso Compilations series and manages calypsonians Kurt Allen, Eunice Peters, and the band Caribbean Vizion. More or less all of those albums are already available for download since Major and minor Productions signed contracts with Faluma recently. And more is yet to come…

The president of Major and minor Productions, Alvin C.Daniell is a composer himself, best known for his joint compositions with Ray Holman of “Pan on the Move” and “Pan on the Run”. In the eighties he also teamed up with Len “Boogsie” Sharpe to produce a number of hits including “Rags to Riches”, “Carnival is Bacchanal” and “I like to beat pan”. In the nineties he co-wrote with “Boogsie” the well known “Mind yuh Business” and “Misbehave” which were sung by Denyse Plummer. He also worked with Pelham Goddard to compose the prize winne “Happy Song” and “Good News” sung by Roger George.
Major & minor has been consistently among the top three publisher members of COTT.

The latest venture of the company is record restoration to facilitate access to Trinidadian music for archivists and personal collectors of music. This will be made possible in cooperation with Faluma and our partner Finetunes. More about this huge project soon – we’ll keep you updated!

You can find music produced by Major and minor, for example the popular Calypso Compilation series with all the greatest Steelpan hits of the season

on CD at our Faluma shop

and as MP3s at all major download stores. Please click here to find the links!


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