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High Intensity

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High Intensity is a 6 member band from Antigua that really lives up to its name. After just one year of existence the band captured the Antiguan Road March title 2001. With the tunes from their second album High Intensity was adjudged “Sweetest Sounding Band on the Road” in 2002. They released an album for every Carnival season until 2005, each and every one with a very positive impact on the audience. They proved to be proficient in a wide musical field including rhythmic pan melodies, dancehall, a touch of R&B Caribbean style, old folklore and the typical Antiguan Benna Beat.

After taking a break from producing a full album in 2006, the much awaited and anticipated album “NO BRAKES, NO BELLS……Full Speed Ahead” was deemed to be the band’s best overall album to date comprising sixteen pulsating tracks. This album again highlighted a different side of the band and showed their ability to produce groovy and romantic soca tracks.

The present members of the band are Kevin “Shy 1” Watkins-Keyboards/Vocalist, Dulcie “Smooth” Watkins-Vocalist, Thalia “Princess” King-Vocalist, Vere “Finish” Mathias-Drums, Trevor “Sparks” Nathaniel-Guitar and Jeffrey Browne -Bass.

High Intensity continues to stay focused and true to its aims and objectives which is to be a band of a difference and with a difference!

All their previous albums (except for “Intensified” which will follow soon) are now available online after the band signed contract with Faluma Digital. Their latest album “Bitta Betta Badda – Fiyah One” is also about to be released digitally – so stay tuned!

If you also want to get carried away by the intensive Soca waves of this band please click here and check out High Intensity’s digital releases on Faluma digital.

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