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Romie – Yosakoi Forever


Yosakoi Forever is THE Soca anthem for the 2008 Super Yosakoi Festival in Tokyo, a parade with lots of music and dance dedicated to the Meiji Shrine [see some photos of last years parade here].

The music played there on the road is as diverse and colourful as the costumes displayed by the revellers. You may hear anything from traditional Japanese folksongs to Reggae, from kitschy oldfashioned Japanese ballads to Trance and well not to forget: even some Soca! No wonder since Soca is just the perfect music to dance on the road behind a truck and it has a strong lobby in Japan personated in the well-known DJs and producers Hemo + Moofire.

Tokyo’s infamous lady sound crew Hemo + Moofire who already landed several international hits especially with their production of the energetic Escape and Soca Escape riddims, is also behind the tune Yosakoi Forever. It is sung by the popular female singer Romie who made her mark with some great Japanese Dancehall tunes before.

In the tune Yosakoi Forever Japanese and Caribbean influences are stirred with lots of love for Trinidadian Carnival and Japanese festivals to serve you a cocktail of driving Steelpan sounds, powerful beats and Romie’s lovely singing with positive Japanese lyrics.

Don’t miss this extraordinary tune, available in various mixes in download stores worldwide.

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