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Various – Wild and Wonderful 2009 Calypso Compilation

Wild and Wonderful
“Wild and Wonderful” is the latest release of the popular compilation series specialised on Calypso accompanied by the sweet sound of the steelpan. These are the two most famous inventions of Trinidad and Tobago, representing the Caribbean island republic at its best. Clever lyrics, beautiful melodies and lots of Carnival feeling will enchant you from the first tune to the last.

Excellent composers like Len’Boogsie’ Sharp, Alvin C. Daniell and Pelham Goddard, as well as some of the greatest Calypsonians of our times like Crazy, 3 Canal and Eunice Peters are guarantors for an extraordinary musical treat. The same can be said about Major & Minor Productions, that produced and compiled this album which is now released digitally by Faluma.

Update: The first track of this compilation, Eunice Peters’ tune “First in de Line” presented by the Silver Stars steelband won Panorama 2009!! You can download the tune for example from iTunes [click].

Links to downloadstores here [click!].

Please only download from stores that list Faluma / Major&Minor as label of this compilation! There are several websites that sell this compilation illegaly, without license and without paying the artists!
Support the artists, ban music piracy!

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