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Backyardloops – Was feierst Du???

Soca and Berlin?! Yes – that matches like Rum and Coke!

Especially since Soca became a vital part of the Berlin Karneval der Kulturen – the Carnival of Cultures, that is going to rock the city next weekend.

The guys from Backyardloops came around in high spirits to celebrate the Carnival with you. Their first Faluma-release has a beautiful steel pan beat and fun lyrics in German and English. They will definitely take you along to dance and parade through the streets of summerly Berlin. This catchy tune will follow you wherever you go. Very well then: Was feierst Du? – What are you celebrating in 2009?

Links to downloadstores here!

*New: Watch the video of Backyardloops \”Was feierst Du?\” on Youtube

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