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Brandnew Reggae Album by Franz Job “Babylon is Dead”


“Babylon Is Dead” is the debut album of Franz Job, the brightest star
on the Reggae firmament above his beautiful home, the Caribbean island of Tobago.

After the immense success as a producer of three riddim compilations and singer of several single tunes, he now presents this wonderful solo album. With his unique voice Franz Job tells his audience about his youth on the countryside, of finding his way abroad and of his love for music that helps getting through all hardships and sweetens the happy moments of live.

In Franz Jobs songs the influences of Jamaican Roots Reggae mingle with the elaborate lyrical tradition of Calypso from Trinidad & Tobago. The result is an album filled with intriguing melodies and lyrics with a message.

To find the download links click here, please.

And the CD is available here.

And there are detailed reviews about the album in German on and

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