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Franz Job

Franz Job

Bacchanalism is proud to present one of the most promising Reggae artists from Trinidad & Tobago: Franz Job. Beside the widely known Soca and Calypso culture of the Caribbean twin-island republic, there is also a lively Reggae scene with a musical output on the highest quality level. Franz Job, the Eclectic Country Boy from Tobago is not only a skilled producer, but also a singer with a fantastic voice and a lot of song writing talent.
Please find the links to his releases on Bacchanalism below:
His solo album:

Franz Job – Babylon Is Dead

Riddim compilations produced by Franz Job:

Country Boyz Foundation presents: Country Boy – The Riddim Album

Country Boyz Foundation presents: The Beautiful Songs of More Times – The Riddim Album

Country Boyz Foundation presents: Love Trap – The Riddim Album

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