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Boukman Eksperyans – La Revolte Des Zombies


Boukman Eksperyans is one of the most important and most popular bands from Haiti, touring the world for the last two decades, once even have been nominated for a Grammy. Being a blend of Rasin, Reggae and Voodoo Rock, the band’s sound is as unique as it is enchanting. The fusion of traditional Haitian influences, rock-style guitar and uplifting lyrics in French, Kreyol and English is a hallmark of the band that was named after Dutty Boukman a hero of the slave uprising that resulted in the Haitian revolution.

The latest album “La Révolte des Zombies” is a generous one: packing 23 tracks in 90 minutes.
The novelty about this album is already audible in the eponymous first track “Zombie”: some deliberate Hip Hop influences, like decent raps and crisp digitally produced beats. This is owed to the fact that the son of the band’s founders Ted Beaubrun who co-produced many of the tunes on this album is an up-and-coming young musician, colaborating a lot with rappers of the international Haitian diaspora. He breathes in some fresh air without disrupting the authentic Boukman Eksperyans sound. There are still the rousing electric guitars, the intoxicating voice of Lolo Beaubrun and the Haitian drums, that evoke the typical feverish and tingly atmosphere of all Boukman tunes.
This makes this album even more diversified and the messages brought to us by singers and rappers from different generations are striking and powerful.
A very special experience – a Boukman Eksperyans.


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