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The Soca Rebels: 2 New Digital Releases

Two beautiful albums from the backcatalogue of our Swedish friends, the Soca Rebels, are now available online in all major download stores. The live album “Raw Soca” which was recorded in the year 2000 and the album “Soca Nation”, originally released in 1993.
Soca Nation was the second record of the band from Gothenburg that was founded in 1990 and that is active ever since. They performed live on TV, at Carnivals and other festival, together with big names from the Caribbean like Crazy from Trinidad & Tobago, Moonblast from Barbados and many more.
Raw Soca was recorded during a live session together with the national calypso queen of Trinidad & Tobago Shirlane Hendrickson. Watch a video of a fantastic performance of her and the band at Norrkoping Carnival, Sweden 2001:

In case you ever wondered how soca with Swedish lyrics might sound, please listen to Farmor Sväng (Nani Wine) and enjoy!

Farmor Sväng (Nani Wine)

Please find the download links here:
Soca Rebels feat. Shirlane Hendrickson – Raw Soca
Soca Rebels – Soca Nation

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