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Gospelypso by Sean Daniel: Divine Soca

Sean Daniel Divine Soca
In just a few years, SEAN DANIEL has established himself as the foremost proponent of Gospelypso – Calypso with Gospel lyrics. He has refused to compromise on his strong convictions and has used his talent to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, he has chosen to use the indigenous music of Trinidad and Tobago, the Calypso and its hybrid, the Soca.

Sean Daniel actually started singing with his twin brother Shane at the age of 5 and sang his first calypso in front of an audience at age 11. His breakthrough was in 1998 with his song “Pan in Heaven”, a tune that received a lot of airplay but also generated some controversy especially from religious quarters. Sean stood his ground and eventually earned the respect of most of his detractors.

In 1999 he captured the Unattached Calypso Monarch with “One A Day.” In 2002 Sean won two Marlin Awards (Caribbean Gospel Music Awards) and a Sunshine Award (the Premier Caribbean Music Awards) for the song “Numbers”. Then he became more and more known internationally, he even received the Barbados Flame Gospel award for the best foreign artiste in 2003 and toured in Africa the same year. The album “Divine Soca” that is now distributed by Faluma to all major download platforms was also recorded in 2003 and features a great amount of his hits. Included are prizewinning songs like “Character”, “One Day” and “Song of Praise” and also his hymn “Pan in Heaven”. Andrew O’Brien, Sean’s close friend, composed four of the tracks on this album which has become very popular on the gospel circuit. The CD was originally released by the Pan and Calypso specialist Major & minor Productions.
Please click here and enjoy Divine Soca!

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