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Laduma! World Cup Compilation – Coming Soon

Just about two more months until the kick-off in South Africa will start one of this year’s highlights: the soccer world cup!
This is not only a highlight for sports aficionados but also a great opportunity to celebrate unity as well as the beautiful versatility of cultures represented by the teams and their fans.
The last worldcup here in Germany had such a nice musical supporting programm, with so many stages and artists from all over the world in the cities where the games happened – and there was a huge enthusiasm for Soca music – not only because the Soca Warriors from Trinidad & Tobago were qualified.
The Faluma crew decided to contribute a compilation this time with a great spectrum of music from the Caribbean, the US, Japan and Africa, as well as from various parts of Europe to the high spirits of this huge event.
The idea of a compilation with tunes for the world cup was born early this year, also as a means to build musical bridges across the Atlantic ocean, sharing the love for the music from Africa and the Caribbean with the world.

We received some fantastic submissions of artists Faluma cooperates with already for years and we got in touch with new artists that were also full of enthusiasm for this project and has sent us their tunes.
The response so far was overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to announce that the compilation titled LADUMA! is a direct hit in the goal.

The title LADUMA! is a popular cheer at soccer matches in South Africa meaning “he scores!” (literally “it thunders”) in Zulu.
The cover graphic was done by the renowned illustrator and designer Susanne Paschke from Berlin.

Further information, tracklist and pre-listening follow soon. We’ll keep you posted!
The compilation is to be released in all major download stores in May.


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    Nice idea! if other tracks are like this amazing ‘OLÈ’ from Hat+Hoodie than i want to be kept informed about that!
    Just say something when you can,

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