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Bantu’s “I’m Waiting” featured in Nneka’s Movie “Relentless”

Check out the brand new video of “I’m Waiting” by Bantu & Nneka:

The track is featured on the soundtrack of “Relentless”, Nneka’s debut as an actress.
The movie will be screened in Berlin for the first time this Friday at Made Space. Don’t miss it if you are in town.

Press release:
The videoclip ‘I’m Waiting’ makes a debut on the airwaves this February, with clear messages of the prevailing value of ‘self’ in the midst of turmoil. A much anticipated collaborative work between KORA award winner Ade Bantu, and MOBO award-winning songstress Nneka, both of NIGerman origin. This music track speaks of love, of life, of war, of loneliness, of deception, of pain, and of the injustice of living in a society where one is surrounded by plenty, yet living in
penury. A poignant piece which awakens the conscience with its candour, ‘I’m Waiting’ speaks the mind of everyman.

The fusion of Bantu’s free-flowing rap with Nneka’s soulful rendition passes a message of seriousness and emotional weight. This is a song that stimulates the mind, taking one through a plethora of emotions and thoughts. Its powerful imagery speaks the truth in harsh but undeniable beauty. With no clichés, no pretences, and no stereotypes, the duo delivers a song that cannot be ignored.
It simply says what it needs to say, leaving you and I to grapple with our different interpretations of Reality. I’m Waiting (the fifth of ten tracks in Bantu’s new album, NO MAN STANDS ALONE) is also the official soundtrack of Andy Amadi Okoroafor’s movie “Relentless” starring Nneka and Gideon Okeke (Tinsel).

The power of creative communication is brought to bear on the message of this video. With crisp mental triggers, using subtle visual manipulations and uncommon styles of cinematography, it communicates the relationship between the persona and the environment in which he/she must survive.
Each time one watches the clip and listens to the lyrics of this track, a new treasure is revealed in its message and delivery.

This is a refreshing difference from the videos that we have become accustomed to identifying with the African market. ‘I’m Waiting’ is surely NOT business-as-usual. This is true of the movie Relentless, and also of the album “No Man Stands Alone”.

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