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More Krosfyah albums available

Krosfyah singers
Krosfyah singers

One of our customer’s most popular bands is Krosfyah from Barbados. Two years ago, Krosfyah celebrated their 20th anniversary. As the official international distributor we want to give you a 100% Krosfyah experience and make every released album by the band available at your favorite store and streaming services. Although 15 albums are already online, we realised that there are some gaps here and there. So Krosfyah / Crossfire Ventures Ltd. and Faluma put their forces together, went dung to the basement to get the missing parts ready. By today another three albums are available, more to follow soon.

Krosfyah – The Experience (original release 2010)
This album is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Krosfyah
Download: – iTunes – Juno

Krosfyah – Kings Of The Groove (original release: 2009)
In 2009 Edwin Yearwood took the Road March AND People’s Monarch titles once again with the hit tune “In de Middle ah de Road”.
Download: – iTunes – Juno

Krosfyah – One On One (original release 2011)
Another Cropover Road March title with “Cova de Road” featured on this album. Plus all other groovy and uptempo hits by Krosfyah of the season.
Download: – iTunes – Juno

coming Oct:
Krosfyah – 20th Anniversary Special Edition (original release 2010)

full Krosfyah album listing

Oh wait! We still have Krosfyah and Edwin Yearwood CDs and vinyl in stock!

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