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New mix: Calypso mi love #2

cover calypso mi love 2
cover calypso mi love 2

Hamburg’s King Kong Disko and it’s selector Finn are long-time friends of us, usually taking over our flat during Berlin Carnival with the Blue Jab tribe. Besides playing Jab on all European Carnivals he is also known as a music digger and solid expert for many genres. Now he just did the second edition of his Calypso mix series. You don’t see Calypso mixes too often, and these here are also carefully selected with artists like Lord Kitchener, Lord Creator, Roaring Lion, Mighty Panther, Elli Matt and many more.

This time we focused on releases reaching from the hilarious Kaiso storytelling of the 1950s and 60s to the proto Soca Carnival Madness of the late 70s. Most of that stuff is classical and rare Trinidadian material but we also featured a lot of great tunes from other carribean islands such as Jamaica or the Bahamas. The second half of the mix is very energetic and uptempo, containing
loads of incredible iron- and brass sections to give you a little idea of how todays carnival sound was developed over several decades.


And here goes part #1 of Calypso mi love:


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