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The Soca X Tropical Bass Remix Project: Blood Remix EP

Go / This Is The One Remixes
Go / This Is The One Remixes

10 years of Faluma – time to celebrate our anniversary with some nice releases. Let’s start with our latest remix project:

Faluma proudly presents a massive remix package of the Cropover hits “Go!!” and “This is the one”.
The Bajan Soca singer Anderson Armstrong, better known as Blood, joined the Faluma family many years ago. Since then Faluma released and distributed 6 albums and 7 compilations in the digital world.

While most Soca songs live only for the Carnival season mainly recognized locally or within the Caribbean diaspora, Faluma’s mission was to bring it to a wider audience by making it internationally available. Beside the Caribbean focus Faluma is also well connected to the worldwide Tropical / Global Bass scene, so it was only a small step to mashup those two music cultures. One deeply rooted in the local Carnival festivals, the other global with the approach to mashup local genres from different continents and put it in an international club setting.

Blood, who got his artist name by the legendary Mighty Gabby who couldn’t remember his long name and just called him “Young Blood”, was the lead singer and guitar player at the band Square One (together with the internationally known Alison Hinds). During that period Andy has toured extensively throughout the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe. Another touring achievement for both Blood and the band has been their historic tour to South Africa to perform for World Cup Cricket in 2003.
Today he’s releasing an annual Cropover Compilation and he’s rocking as singer of the band Soka Kartel.

Blood facebook page

Pre-order “Go!! / This Is The One Remix EP” at Juno / iTunes /

Cover artwork by 263art.

The Remixers

So Shifty

The infamous Hamburg, Germany based production and DJ duo known as So Shifty is a truly surprising team. Surprising because every song and every remix they do is always so amazing and high standard, no matter if Cumbia or Electro or anything else. For our remix project they managed to make a 100% energy loaded Carnival track even more energy loaded plus adding some serious club bass frequencies.
So Shifty on soundcloud


Montreal’s Bassmaster Poirier was one of the first producers who put tropical riddims and urban electro into a new minimalistic and percussive context. His hi-tempo Soca Bass tracks with artists like Mr Slaughter (Trinidad) made him the first guy to ask for a Soca Remix. Releases on Ninja Tune, Mixpak and Man Recordings.

Poirier soundcloud

Max Le Daron

The versatile producer and promoter from Brussels Max Le Daron making a lot of noise for more than 3 years with many productions and remixes on labels like Man Recordings, Akwaaba Music, Booty Call and LowUp.
Max Le Daron soundcloud / facebook

Pushking Noize

Pushking Noize, a DJ, producer and party promoter from Zurich, Switzerland, started as hiphop MC. After many hit “Electro-Rap” productions he is focusing now on Tropical Club vibes.
Pushking Noize soundcloud / website


Murlo from the East Midlands, UK, now residing in London, already made his name with Soca and Dancehall remixes inna UK Bass style. Recent releases on LowUp Records and Mixpack.

Murlo soundcloud / facebook

Andrès Digital

Andrès Digital from Darmstadt, Germany is author of the scene blog Beside that he produces remixes, promotes parties and is singer of the band Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo. Andrés Digital brings down this 162bpm Power Soca Tune to a Tropical Bass banger with strong Cumbia influence.


Faluma’s own Marflix, a keyboard and guitar player, producer and Soca DJ for over 15 years, founded Faluma 2003 with a DJ friend. In 2005 and 2006 he released the first Soca Riddim selection and full Soca album from Germany. Beside the monthly radioshow Riddims Tropicale his productions translate patterns from Caribbean Carnival music into a new club context.
Marflix website / facebook

Blood at Go Video Shoot


* Review on Largeup
* featured on Headliner Mag


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