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Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong – Go!! / This Is De One Remixes

Faluma proudly presents a massive remix package of Anderson “Blood” Armstrong’s Cropover hits “Go!!” and “This is the one”.
The tunes have been remixed by some of the biggest names of the Tropical Bass scene: Poirier (Montreal, Canada), So Shifty (Hamburg, Germany), Max LeDaron (Brussels, Belgium), Murlo (London, UK), Pushking Noize (Zürich, Switzerland), Andrès Digital (Darmstadt, Germany) and Faluma’s very own Marflix (Berlin, Germany).

Available now! For example on iTunes, amazon, juno and many other download stores.

Track listing:
1.Go!! (So Shifty Remix)
2.Go!! (Poirier Remix)
3.Go!! (Max le Daron Remix)
4.Go!! (Murlo Remix)
5.Go!! (Marflix 808 Remix)
6.Go!! (Pushking Noize Remix)
7.Go!! (Original Mix)
8.This Is De One (Marflix Remix)
9.This Is De One (Andrés Digital Remix)
10.This Is De One (Original Mix)

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