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Grupo Kompèr – E Baile di Rincon

grupo komper rincon
grupo komper rincon

Release 2013/07/05
Catalogue number: fd150

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On the initiative of the three brothers Molina: Albert, Rudel and Giovanny, born and raised in Curacao from Bonerian parents, a selected group of family and friends came together in the middle of the year 2000 to perform Bonairean folk music. They started with Giovanny on the guitar, Rudel at that time drumming on a bucket and Albert as lead singer and others. From that moment on this group slowly but surely evolved into one of the most popular groups today in Curacao under the name “Grupo Komper”!

Nowadays they consist of 11 musicians, 1 technician and 2 roadies. In 2003 “Fundashon kombinashon pèrfekto Komper” was founded, a foundation with the aim to promote and organize all kinds of cultural, musical and educational activities. Grupo Komper generally plays all popular Caribbean music styles and rhythms but with the Bonairean and Curacaolenean folk music as the basic element.

Their discography consists of 6 CDs with big hits as “Korsou mi tera” which is the official song of the Curacao Tourism Board tv program with airplay on all the Caribbean islands and “Porfin mi a deklaré (Kuchi-kuchi)” which was number one on all the local radios and performed by all the other local groups.

1. E Baile di Rincon
2. Ban riba seru largu
3. Ban kuide (feat. Buchi Gee)
4. Rhythm of Curacao
5. Nanzi, sin e saku
6. Den stadion di Rincon (feat. Irvin Jan
7. Ban kuide (Gerald Remix) [feat. Buchi Gee]

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