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Roy Cape: A Calypso & Soca Anthology (Various Artists)

This Calypso and Soca Anthology is a huge collection of the legendary band leader Roy Cape’s life’s work. It compiles over 50 years years of music, starting in the early 60s.

Compiled and produced by Alvin Daniell (MAJOR&minor).

Featured on Juno Recommends Dancehall/Ragga Febr. 2015

Release date: Jan. 2015
Catalogue #: fd247

Buy the Roy Cape anthology: iTunes | | Juno | spotify and more

The Ugly Duckling (Instrumental) by Selwyn Wheeler Orchestra
Mocking Bird (Instrumental) by Selwyn Wheeler Orchestra
Moulin Rouge (Instrumental) by Clarence Curvan Orchestra
Lollipops and Roses (Instrumental) by Ron Berridge Orchestra
My Favourite Things (Instrumental)by Ron Berridge Orchestra
Sa Sa Yea by Sparrow’s Troubadours
Bongo by Sparrow’s Troubadours
Kaiso Gone Dread (feat. Roy Cape) by Black Stalin
Watch Out My Children by Roy Cape All Stars
War Party (with Roy Cape All Stars) by Nigel Lewis
Barbara (with Roy Cape All Stars) by Super Blue
Leroy, Roy (with Roy Cape) by Black Stalin
Sing Your Song (with Roy Cape All Stars by Roy Cape
Tremble It (feat. Destra) by Roy Cape All Stars
Carnival Questions (feat. Blaxx) by Roy Cape All Stars
Breathless (with Roy Cape All Stars) by Blaxx
Name the Game (feat. Black Stalin) by Roy Cape All Stars
SSS by Kurt Allen

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