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Soca Rebels – Babash

Soca Rebels album 2017

New album by the legendary Swedish Soca band – the Soca Rebels. Including guest appearances by Crazy, Phil Hawkins, Rapso Rebel and Ruben Behak.

The Soca Rebels is probably the oldest still existing Soca band in Europe and has been around since 1990 playing Soca & Calypso. Just to do the math: that is over 25 years! First fame for the Gothenburg based band was in 1991 with their cover version of Crazy’s “Nani Wine” – in Swedish – which gained some attention even in the home country Trinidad & Tobago. Consequently a Sweden tour with the named Trinidadian Calypsonian followed after that.

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Soca Rebels album 2017


1. The Big Idea (feat Crazy & Phil Hawkins)
2. Hope (feat Rapso Rebel)
3. Maria Sol (feat Ruben Behak)
4. You’re My Number One (feat Crazy)
5. Wanna Be (feat Rapso Rebel)
6. La Casa Nueva (feat Ruben Behak)
7. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (feat Crazy)
8. Aum Shanti (feat Rapso Rebel)
9. La Parranda (feat Ruben Behak – Parang version)
10. Let’s Have A Party (feat Crazy – Reggae mix)

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Soca Rebels with Crazy

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