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New reggae single from Trinidad: ILUV

Right in the middle of Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, a brandnew reggae tune by promising artiste ILUV from Diego Martin / Petit Valley, Trinidad lands on the scene. ILUV, which stands for Initiating Love Unconditionally + Vocally, is no stranger to the music scene: a few years back he played in the Parang band “Voces Jovenes” and wrote some of the songs. Since a while Matthew Parris aka ILUV is focussing on Reggae, RnB and acoustic cultural tunes.

Get it at:
spotify | | | junodownload | itunes and many more..


  1. iluv

    Thanks for the appreciation and love for my music…
    Once more thanks to faluma and all the fans..
    Blue Steel….. we did it!

  2. ILUV

    Thanx this means the world to me….working . on loads at the moment such till it’s delaying my next single but it will happen I am positive…

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