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Digital distribution How-To

The label Faluma Digital is focused on Soca/Calypso and other Caribbean music. This type of music is rooted in the Caribbean carnival and very seasonal. It is usualy released as radio promos only, sold by cd-pirates and it disappears very fast after the festivals. Faluma Digital makes Soca music available to an interested audience worldwide who love it for the pulsating rythms, the positive party vibes or just for the memory of the last holidays in the Caribbean.

With the label we distribute album and songs digitally and make it available worldwide in all major music sites, like iTunes, amazon, spotify, junodownload and many many more.

How it works

  • Faluma Digital is licensing the music directly from the artist, band, producer or label.
  • Faluma Digital can now distribute the music on all major platforms: iTunes, napster, and more
  • Faluma Digital will also work as a label and promote the music.
  • The mp3-stores will pay us, and we will pay the artist – monthly.
  • The deal is non-exclusive – artists can sell their music elsewhere on other platforms we don’t supply. Faluma Digital only has the right to distribute your music in the digital world for a certain time. Also we can distribute only to certain territories or shops if wanted.
  • Usually 6-8 weeks after providing us with the master, the music is available worldwide!

Since Faluma Digital wants to support Caribbean music and its artists, we love to release old cds, even complete backcatalogues.

What’s the difference between Faluma Digital and other services?

  • Faluma Digital has a lot of expertise and experience with Soca and Caribbean music. We know where to promote and advertise your music. We know the DJs worldwide who will play the music.
  • Faluma Digital can also release music which is not available on cd. This is a digital thing, we don’t need the cd anymore. Also we release mp3 singles, EPs, riddim albums..

Find Faluma releases at:

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