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Faluma Africa

Faluma Africa is the brandnew sublabel of the Caribbean Music label Faluma. As the name implies Faluma Africa specialises on the sound of the African continent. Fully aware that this is an extremely wide and versatile field, Faluma Africa intends only to pick out some pearls of the sheer enormity of musical output from this vast geographic unit.
With the background of being specialists for Caribbean music such as Soca, Calypso, Rasin and Reggae, Faluma always kept in mind the great influence especially West African musical traditions had on all Caribbean music styles. Brought to the West Indies with the slaves, the rythms of the lost motherland are still present in the contemporary Caribbean music.

Building a musical trans-atlantic bridge is a major aim of Faluma Africa. Thus the label not only releases and distributes music of African artists, but also plans to connect artists from both parts of the world for fruitful cooperartions, remixes and creative exchange.

Cover: Bantu - No Man Stands AloneCover: Various Artists - Laduma!Cover: Lady May - See Ya Play
Bantu – No Man Stands Alone (2010)Various Artists – Laduma! (2010)Lady May – See Ya Play (2010)
Cover: Lady May - Pink Chokolate!Cover: Lady May - Come And Get Me


Cover: Lady May - Tiger Ambition
Lady May – Pink Chokolate (2009)Lady May – Come And Get Me (2008)Lady May – Tiger Ambition (2010)

More releases coming soon!


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