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Lady May

Lady May’s sound is packed with modern international influences and traditions of her country, Namibia. For her unique blend of Afropop, R&B and traditional music from her home, the north of Namibia, Lady May was awarded at the pan-African Channel O Music Award in 2008 and 2009.
She had a guest appearance at Big Brother Africa, that made her even more known all across the continent. Faluma Africa now makes her music available worldwide and we want to spread the word: this young lady is hot, her music is hot and y’all should know it!
Her outfits, dancing skills and stage presence are as infamous as they are captivating. There is no way to escape her and there is no way you want to get away once you’ve met this bundle of energy! Be sure to be seduced by her extraordinary voice, her laugh, her style, her music!

Cover: Lady May - Pink Chokolate!Cover: Lady May - Come And Get MeCover: Lady May - See Ya Play
Lady May – Pink Chokolate! (2009)Lady May – Come And Get Me (2008)Lady May – See Ya Play (2010)
Cover: Lady May - Tiger Ambition
Lady May – Tiger Ambition (2010) COMING SOON!

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