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Madd Entertainment is a musical comedy business based in Barbados. When Peter Boyce and Keith Browne startet Madd in 1983, they were strictly a comedy group doing satirical situation comedy. Later Kevin Hinds, Alfred Sealy and Carolann Scantlebury joined up, but it was Eric Lewis, Madd’s songwriter who joined in 1985, that heralded the group’s first musical productions. In 1987 Madd’s first album “To Jenkins And Back” was released and was such a success, that from the following year on they produced an album for Crop Over every year.

Madd’s Calypso Tent “Bacchanal Time” is legendary and the biggest and most successful of its kind in Barbados. The group has toured extensively with their shows throughout the United States, Canada and various Caribbean Islands.

For 25 years now Madd proves successful in the Caribbean and beyond. Their hilarious lyrics make people laugh but also think about political or social shortcomings, spark controversies like the “Madd Chicken Song” about a food scandal that set Bajan’s marching in protest in 1989 or the song “Maddy Maddy Patrol” about the harrassment of a school girl by a police officer that even led to court battles in 1992.

Every song has a story behind it and tells a lot about Bajan society. And the story goes on: Madd releases an album every year for cropover and since they signed contracts with Faluma you can now find most of them online in all major downloadshops! Please click here to find the links and enjoy!

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