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Wave your Faluma rag!

Faluma 5th anniversary lime

First of all we want to thank everybody who celebrated Faluma’s 5th anniversary party with us last friday! It was a lot of fun to lime in front of our office in spite of some rain and wind until 4 o’clock in the morning, listening to Soca, winning CDs, DVDs and Faluma rags from our lucky fairy, enjoying Doubles, Bananabread, homemade Gingerbeer and all those bottles of Rum…

See some photos on flickr here.

Everyone who couldn’t come has the chance to get hold of one of our brandnew, longawaited, beautiful and exclusive Faluma rag for all intends and purposes! Or two. Or five. Or dozens – you can never have enough of this indispensable equipment for hot fêtes and summerdays!

Every customer who places an order with a total of more than 100 Eur gets one Faluma rag for free!

Wave your Faluma rag and jump around!

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