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Michelle Williams and Fuzion Movement

In 2007 New York based Catalyst Entertainment presented “Soca Rizin Volume 1“,the first Soca album entirely produced by a woman, namely Michelle Williams, the only female producer in the Soca industry.
She does not only produce “traditional” Soca but her sound is also influenced by R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggae and Reggaeton. Thus her tunes are reaching out to a wider international audience with the aim to infect more and more people all over the world with the Soca virus that makes all of us jump and wave.

Beside her career as a producer she is also working with Fuzion Movement. This company’s objective is to “provide the [Soca] industry with Marketing and Promotion, Events Planning, Branding, Professional Legal Services, World-Wide Radio Distribution, Networking Events, Clinics, Workshops as well as other services that we believe is key in bringing our industry to a global widely recognized standard.”
On Fuzion Movement’s website you can subscribe to their newsletter called Xposé. This newsletter compiles lots of important information for artists, DJs, promoters, fans of Caribbean music in general, etc. It is designed to share information, new media and tools, ideas and strategies and is highly recommended!

The album Soca Rizin Vol.1 can be downloaded from all your favourite MP3 shops, click here to find the links, please!

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