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Crazy Boys Generation – Illusion – Fresh Bacchanalism Release


The latest release of Bacchanalism, the album “Illusion” builds bridges across borders: borders of countries, cultures, minds and music-styles.
7 young musicians with roots in Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire and Switzerland teamed up, called themselves Crazy Boys Generation, or CBG, and mingled their musical backgrounds to create a unique style.
CBG was founded in 2006 in Geneva by the three friends Antoine Alouidor alias T-one, Joelby Jean alias Jlb Tafia, Yannick Dje alias Y.Dje. Owing to their enthusiasm, creativity and love for music, they were able to get more and more band members on board. Over the years not only the band, but also their fan-base grew, infected by CBG’s verve and energy loaded performances at festivals and concerts in Switzerland and abroad.
Their style is truely one-of-a-kind: Haitian mizik rasin and rap fuse to rapsin, with Haitian drums, west African sounds and lyrics sung and rapped in French, Creole and English.
The producer Ted Gabriel Beaubrun alias TedyBoy, deriving from a musical family, stirred versatile cultural influences with great creativity and composed an array of fresh and innovative pieces for CBG’s album “Illusion”, released in 2009.
This energetic mixture of positive vibes, well-produced beats and intelligent lyrics will definitely make you listen to the voice of the Crazy Boys Generation!

It’s not just an “illusion”, it’s straightforward reality!
Find the links to the download stores where you can purchase the album “Illusion” here, please.

Go and check out the Boys live at Festival Tambour Battant (Genève, Switzerland), November  28th, 2009.

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