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The music of Trinidad & Tobago has to reach the people worldwide – from traditional trinidadian folk, intensive steel pan and smooth pan-jazz to the music of the carnival – soca and calypso. This very interest is the concern of two institutions affiliated with the music: T&T Ent and Faluma.
The Berlin based Caribbean music label Faluma, Europe’s specialist for Soca & Calypso, joined forces with the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (short: T&T Ent), a state agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The joint venture of Faluma and T&T Ent started off with the
creation of a special own download store which is part of a new and unique portal. The aim of this portal is a comprehensive presentation of and easy access to all aspects of the cultural assets and heritage of the Caribbean republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Besides the download store, it offers an artist database, streams of events, assistance for entertainment practitioners with international projects, and much more.

To fill the download store with adequate content Faluma and the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company founded a sublabel called T&T Ent. All facettes of music from the island republic is to be represented, however the main focus is on the local musical achievements: soca and calypso as well as the “national instrument”, the steelpan.
Thus the first bunch of digital releases is meaningful and groundbreaking: by the end of this year the majority of the catalogue of SANCH, the specialist for steelpan recordings will be available for download, not only in the T&T Ent store, but also in all notable MP3 shops around the globe.

The steelpan, the national instrument that was invented and brought to perfection in Trinidad and Tobago, is featured with all its facettes in this one-of-a-kind selection. Sanch was the first to produce CDs with authentic steelband music back in the 1980s and since then is always a step ahead when it comes to record the unique warm and fascinating sound of this original Caribbean instrument in highest audio quality. Reaching from traditional Calypso or groovy Soca tunes accompanied by pan, to overwhelming interpretations of classic masterpieces by huge steelbands, or to jazz standards and solemnly played christmas carols – there is something for everybody to get hooked on this versatile instrument and the music of its homeland.

Check out our Coming Soon page, to see the detailed release list for the next two months.

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