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Sean Daniel – Divine Soca

Divine Soca
Sean Daniel – Divine Soca
Trinidad & Tobago, 2003

01. Song of Praise
02. Numbers
03. Greater
04. Pan in Heaven
05. He Took it Away
06. One a Day
07. The Annointing
08. Character
09. Track Shoes
10. Hell Find A Way
11. Sip O’ Water
12. Slip Away

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    We as christians need to come back to holiness and rightousness! you can’t tell me that God called you to sing in carnival. RUBBISH!

  3. Diana Ramcharan

    Thank God for Sean Daniel and his music. I have been tremendously blessed and encouraged by his songs. His August 2010 concert was totally awesome. Stay blessed and continue lifting up the name of Jesus, our soon coming King.

  4. Alvin Daniell

    Hi Alana,
    I challenge you to listen to a couple of the tracks and I am sure you will change your opinion. Remember, Jesus went into the market-place not to meet the reighteous but to bring sinners to repentance.

  5. Statia

    Hey. I heard this song Sean Daniel brought out. I know the chorus is “You Alone” but i don’t think that’s the name of the song. Is there any way I could get it?

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