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La Ritmica – Caribbean Fusion

Caribbean Fusion
The Netherlands, 2009

The islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, the last two still forming part of The Netherlands Antilles, where the majority of La Ritmica’s bandmembers originate, were for centuries and still are to this day a meeting point for all kinds of cultures. This cultural melting pot clearly reflects in the music of La Ritmica, which is a fresh blend of Latin, French and British West Indian music performed on a solid base of Afro Antillian folkmusic and with a touch of Jazz and R&B. This unique concept is known as Caribbean fusion. Some of the songs are performed in Spanish and some in Papiamentu, the national language spoken on these three islands. “La Ritmica presents Caribbean Fusion” is the title of La Ritmica’s latest release which is a live recording made in 2008 in the Hague, the Netherlands, during the celebration of “Dia di Boneiru” or Bonaire Day, a yearly event celebrating the national day of the island of Bonaire.
In this production La Ritmica introduces their new concept, Caribbean Fusion, a mixture of all the Caribbean rhythms with Afro Dutch Antillean folk music and contemporary music which results in a crispy, tasty and innovative sound with heavy rhythmical grooves!

1. Intro
2. Madua ban kase
3. Yo no soy un angel
4. Juana Peña
5. La fiesta
6. Yo no quiero piedras en mi camino
7. El vacilón
8. Mi so den boso
9. La que se fue/ Dianan di regatta
10. Homenaje na Ana
11. Pal’i Flamboyan
12. Outro

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