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Music from Haiti on Bacchanalism

Just a few weeks after the horrible earthquake, Haiti already disappears again from TV and the public attention. However the people of Haiti are still having incredibly hard times and we were extremely relieved to hear that all our Haitian artists and their families are at least alive and unharmed. More than ever we want to support them as best as we can, so we’ld like to draw your attention once again to the releases from Haiti / the Haitian Diaspora:

Frèt Kash

 This highly energetic tune was made for the Haïti Kanaval 2009 by Negus World Order, Siameze and Sha, a group of young Haïtians living abroad.
Life in the diaspora influenced their musical style, which can be refered to as rapsin, a mixture between rap kreyol and the traditional Haïtian mizik rasin. Please click here to find the download links.

Boukman Eksperyans – La Revolte des Zombies

The latest album of the legendary band Boukman Eksperyans is a unique and thrilling mixture of musical styles such as mizik rasin, voodoo rock, reggae, rap… Read on and download!

CBG – Illusion

The album “Illusion” builds bridges across borders: borders of countries, cultures, minds and music-styles. 7 young musicians with roots in Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire and Switzerland teamed up, called themselves Crazy Boys Generation, or CBG, and mingled their musical backgrounds to create a unique style. More infos and download links here…

Ayiti Diasporap 4 Life

A very special compilation with Hip Hop from the Haitian Diaspora, influenced by US-Rap and RnB, as well as Haitian Zouk and Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae. Please read on, listen and download here.

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