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Bantu – No Man Stands Alone

Bantu – No Man Stands Alone
Nigeria 2010

01. Marching To Aso (feat. Azadus)
02. No Man Stands Alone (feat. Lord Of Ajasa)
03. Ni Bo L’Anlo (feat. Fatai Rolling Dollar, Oranmiyan & Wurasamba)
04. Yanga (feat. Sehinde Jo)
05. I’m Waiting (feat. Nneka)
06. I Lost My Faith (feat. Abiodun)
07. Dem Dey Lie (feat. Soundsultan)
08. Show Them Love (feat. African China)
09. Travel & Sea (feat. Wanlov the Kubolor)
10. Turn Me On (feat. Dabyna)

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Bantu – No man stands alone by Faluma


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