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Pre-listen Bantu – No Man Stands Alone

The brandnew album “No Man Stands Alone” by Bantu will be released on Oct 29th!

To let you get a first impression, we uploaded some of the most remarkable tracks to soundcloud for you.

There is “Marching to Aso” which combines a clubby sound with lyrics that critically examine the socio-political situation in Nigeria; the collaboration with breath-taking Soul/Hip-Hop superstar Nneka “I’m Waiting” that is packed with calm, longing passion; the eponymous track “No Man Stands Alone” Bantu recorded with the skilled Yoruba rhyme artists Lord of Ajasa and last but not least the serene song “Ni Bo L’anlo” featuring the 84 year old Highlife legend Fatai Rolling Dollar.
More infos coming soon…
Bantu – No man stands alone by Faluma


  1. Karin Borkhart

    Adé, sweet ja …, aber ein bisschen zu soft. Ich vermisse die Radikalitaet und gleichzeitige Leichtigkeit deiner ersten CD. Keep the vibe!

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