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Pape et Cheikh – Yërmënde

Pape & Cheikh‘s unique mix of traditional Senegalese folk music, pop beats and Mbalax, spiced with political lyrics and catchy melodies has a wide fan base not only in their homeland Senegal but also all around the globe.
Founded in 1997 the duo started to release on Youssou N’Dour’s label and toured with him near and far. In 2000 they took Senegal by storm with their thoughtful protest song “Yatal Gueew” that became the anthem of all 24 opposition parties during the crucial elections of that year. It surely was partially thanks to the impact of this song that the change of government was peaceful and democratic.
With their third album and homonymous hit single “Mariama” Pape et Cheikh achieved their international breakthrough.

After touring the world as opener for Tracy Chapman, they are now back with their fourth album “Yërmënde” (meaning: compassion, mercy and tolerance).
Again they catch the audience with their congenial voices and lyrics, the decent instrumentation, skillful use of acoustic guitars, the extremely distinguished sound of Pape & Cheikh…
Some were tempted to compare them with Bob Dylan, but there is no need to draw comparisons – Pape & Cheikh are unique!

You can either get the album from our little download store or from any other download platform you like, click here for tracklisting and download shop links.

Please note: there are bootleg versions of this album available in many download stores! We initiated legal actions already. Please support the artist and look out that the label is Faluma Africa and nothing else for this album!

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