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Pape + Cheikh win Micro d’Or award

Our favourite duo from Senegal, Pape & Cheikh won the prestigious Micro d’Or award in the category “Acoustique & World Music” in Dakar earlier this year. Among the nominees were such big names as Youssou NDOUR and Baaba MAAL, widely known and popular in- and outside of Senegal.
It is no surprise though that Pape & Cheikh got awarded, since they are delivering quality music on the highest level for years now, with an ever growing fan-base around the world. Their distinguished lyrics, stirring voices, masterly guitar skills and unique style are well worth a trophy!
To enjoy Pape & Cheikh’s music to the fullest, please check out their latest album titled “Yërmënde” on Faluma Africa. It is now available on iTunes, amazon, juno and many other download stores.

If you happen to be in Dakar tomorrow, don’t miss Pape & Cheikh’s live appearance at Le Must.

Pape et Cheik – Yërmënde by Faluma

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