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Songs of the Orisha Palais – Trinidad & Tobago

Songs of the Orisha Palais Trinidad
Songs of the Orisha Palais Trinidad

Very rare recording of the Priests and Priestesses of the Orisha religion singing ancient chants.
Part 1 – Showing the way: two leading Orisha elders (Ilyalorisha Melvina Rodney and Babalorisha Clarence Forde) singing the songs in ritual sequence.
Part 2 – Learning the way: an Orisha Choir (Oshun Shirne in Piarco) of mainly young devotees learning orisha songs from two elders (Baba Sam Phills and Mongba Fitzroy Emmanuel).
Part of Sanch catalogue, in cooperation with MAJOR&minor.

Release date: 27/Sept/13 (2005 Sanch)
Catalogue: fd184

Available at iTunes | junodownload | | Spotify and many more..


I: Showing the way
Eshu Suite
The Ancestors
Ogun Suite
Ogun Suite
Ogun Suite
Onile Suite (Mama La Terre)
Onile Suite (Mama La Terre)
Lady Of The Forest
Soponna Suite (Shakpanna)
Soponna Suite (Shakpanna)
Soponna Suite (Shakpanna)
Soponna Suite (Shakpanna)
Osanyin (Osain)
Medley: Oshun, Yemoya, Erinle (Ajaja), O Sanyin, Oya & Shango
Mo dupe

II: Learning the way
Orisha Litany – Part I
Orisha Litany – Part II
Eshu & Ogun
Onile (Mama La Terre)
Oshun (Oshun) & Yemoya
Yemoya (Pleasure Song)
Soponna, Erinle, Vigoyana, Oya, Shango
Pleasure Song (departure)
Pleasure Song: Oshosi, Elena
Closing Remarks

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