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Various Artists – Ah Wanna Fall – Calypsos from Trinidad & Tobago

Ah Wanna Fall Calypsos Trinidad
Ah Wanna Fall Calypsos Trinidad

Classic post-war Calypsos from 1945-1955, re-recorded 1992 at the University of The West Indies with modern equipment. Part of the Sanch catalgue, in cooperation with MAJOR&minor.

Release date: 27/Sept/13 (2001 Sanch back-catalogue)
Catalogue: fd154

Download: iTunes | junodownload | and many more.

– Went to College (Spoiler): David Bereaux
– Mule and Cobo (Killer): Leon Roach
– Portuguese Dance (Pharaoh): Brian Honore
– Man in the Wardrobe (Kitchener): Paul Guerra
– Death Is Compulsory (Kitchener): Kurtis Gross
– Professor Kitch (Kitchener): Clem Haynes
– Woman Police (Spoiler): David Bereaux
– Ah Bernice (Kitchener): Paul Guerra
– Ramgoat Baptism (Wonder): Leah Gordon
– Berlin on a Donkey (Melody): Leon Roach
– Cat Brain (Spoiler): David Bereaux
– Chinese Cricket Match (Dictator): Paul Guerra
– Beat of the Steelband (Kitchener): Clem Haynes
– Hindu Wedding (Killer): Leon Roach
– Cake Sticking (Spoiler): David Bereaux
– No Crime No Law (Commander): David Bereaux
– Green Fowl (Killer): Kurtis Gross
– Human Race (Pretender): Mary Jack
– Just Dey (Panther): Leon Roach
– Peel the Apple (Wonder): Kurtis Gross
– My Shadow (Spoiler): David Bereaux
– Boldface Woman (Terror): Leon Roach
– My Wife Gone (Kitchener): Clem Haynes
– Follow Me Children (Wonder) – Helen Williams
– Mr. Action (Commander): David Bereaux
– Young Brigade (Kitchener): Cast

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